Syadwad Institute for Training of Trainers

About Syadwad ITOT

BIPS Group established SYADWAD INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION & RESEARCH and SYAWDWAD INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING OF TRAINERS under the aeigs of Syadwad Jain Educational and Social Trust at Baghpat, just 29 km from ISBT New Delhi on Delhi-Saharanpur highway in NCR Baghpat for running professional courses B.Ed., B.Sc. (Nursing), P.B.B.Sc. (Nursing), B.Sc. (Home Science), B.B.A., B.C.A., I.T.O.T, G.N.M., A.N.M.

Syadwad Institute for Training of Trainers (Syadwad ITOT) has been promoted by BIPS GROUP under the aegis of SYADWAD JAIN EDUCATIONAL and Social Trust. Trust has vast experience in running of professional colleges and extending the vocational Training for world class skill Development.

In India Vocational Education and training has been part of national ethos. Unfortunately, vocational training has not achieved very high relevance or stature in India. One of the major challenge is availability of trained trainers.

As per the data available the present trained Instructor requirement for the Vocational training is more than 70,000. Swadwad ITOT is committed to train the trainers as per industry requirement through Syadwad excellent linkage with industries.