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Chairman's Message

Mr. Nagendra Goel


Education for eternal human values, non violence, compassion, brotherhood and the spirit of sacrifice have been inherent in the Indian way of life and Indigenous education system.

Lord Mahavir is considered as an apposite of 'AHINSA'. His teachings have inspired many to imbibe renunciation of violence in thought, speech and action with a view to bringing about eternal purification. The life and teaching of Lord Mahavir about tolerance, compassion and brotherhood are extremely relevant for our composite culture and social cohesion.

To expand his teachings in education in true spirits of global quality with ethics and spiritual element, Syadwad Jain Educational and Social Trust is established with the blessing of Param Pujaya Acharya Shri Vidyabhiban Samail. Sagarji Maharaj.

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Current Affairs

Congratulations to Syadwad Team

I am pleased to acknowledge the efforts put by Syadwaad Team for associating with NSDC as business partner in health sector. I hope this will prove to be a milestone in creating employement for the youth particularly 10th & 12th standard dropouts.
Mr. Nagendra Goel
Chairman, Syadwad Jain Educational & Social Trust

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