Syadwad Institute of Higher Education & Research

Faculty - College of Professional Studies

Name Of Teaching Faculty
Designation Qualification With Specialty Department
Mr. Pervin Kumar M HOD M.Sc.(Maths), M.C.A., M.Tech., B.Ed. Professional
Mr. Rishabh Tiwari? M Faculty(BCA) MCA Professional
Mr. Ajay Tomar M Faculty(BCA) BCA,MCA Professional
Mr. Amit Tyagi? M Faculty(BCA) M.Sc., MCA Professional
Ms. Sandhya Sharma? F Faculty(BCA) MCA Professional
Ms. Nitu Singh? F Faculty(BCA) MCA? Professional
Mr. Nishant Rathi? M Faculty(BCA) MCA? Professional
Mr. Nishant Kumar? M Faculty(BCA) MCA? Professional
Ms. Shrankhla Jain? M Faculty(BBA) MBA? Professional
Mr. Ravi Kumar Srivastav? M Faculty(BBA) MBA? Professional
Ms. Meenakshi Chauhan F Faculty(BBA),MBA? Professional
Dr. Brijesh Kumar? M Faculty(BBA) PGDMM., Ph.D.? Professional
Anjali Sharma F Home Science(Bsc) Msc (Home.Sc) Professional
Mr. Kuldeep Singh M ITOT & ITI Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Professional
Ms. Mukti Chaudhary F ITOT &ITI CTI Professional
Mr. Prince Yadav M ITOT &ITI CTI Professional
Mr. Yusuf Malik M ITOT &ITI CTI Professional